Zhejiang Sanshon Machinery Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Sanshon Machinery Co. Ltd was founded in 1993, located in the most convenient transportation and prosperous economy of Yangtze River delta Shangyu city Zhejiang. Zhejiang Sanshon Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd adjacent to the beauty of the CaoE river and in less than 5 KM there are three expressways, they are Hangzhou-Ningbo G92( Changshu-Taizhou ,G15w) and 104 national road line the HangYong high speed railway. Moreover it is less than 100 KM to Hangzhou and Ningbo airport.,brIt is specialized in manufacturing food processing machinery> which includes fruit vegetable hot air drying&AD) quick freezing IQF( vacuum freeze dryer,FD. The company passed ISO9001)2000 quality standard under the efforts of all employees. There are three equipments has been assessed as National New Product. And in 2007 Sanshon was recognized for New and High Technical enterprise in Zhejiang Province.,brThe company not only in r>d and manufacturing but also enjoy the right of import and export. And the machinery from Sanshon has been exported to more than 10 countries, including Vietnam Thailand, Uzbekistan Azerbaijan, Iran Mexico, Venezuela Peru, Australia Cyprus, Libya etc. ,brBased on more than 20 years> experience in food process machinery manufacturing later it established Shaoxing Sanshon Steel Co., Ltd www.cnsxgg.com( and Shundi foods Co. Ltd,www.shundifoods.comin Zhejiang and Shanghai. Sanshon now is capable of providing integrated services) including product consultation design, workshop establishment equipment manufacturing and installation, training of machine operation in the field of vacuum freeze drying machine FD( hot air drying ,AD as well as quick frozen )IQF machines. )brSanshon is well prepared to be a pioneer in the field of dehydration> quick frozen vacuum freeze drying to contribute to food processing industry,

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Wanjie Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.


Established in March 1996 Henan Wanjie Food Machinery Co., Ltd. has been devoted to the RD& manufacturing marketing and service of intelligent staple machines.,brSince company foundation at the beginning of the shoulder >for hundreds of millions of families staple food security service" the purpose to staple food machinery intelligent development strategy to serve the staple […]

Gweike Tech Co.,Ltd.

China, jinan, Shandong 39

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Quanzhou Luojiang Youfeng Machinery Co., Ltd.


As a experienced Chinese manufacturersREL-TEX designs and assembles all kinds of circular knitting machine. After more than 20 years of development , our company has always been adhering to the honestly and trust best and innovation, business philosophy" and we learned from the best hired the most experienced technician, manager and sales person we establish […]



SHAMI DONG INDUSTRIAL CO. LTD.,br>brWe are from Taiwan for more than 35 years experience in the industry. As a leading exporter of building > funiture hardware glassware, display rack door accessories, etc. we feature a great selection of great service, high quality merchandise and also competitive price.

Zhenfu Knitting Machine Co., Ltd. Shishi


Zhenfu Knitting Machinery Co. Ltd. is a professional enterprise specializing in manufacturing machines, woven products and apparel. We are also engaged in the production and design of fabrics and large diameter circular knitting machines for woof weaving and knitting. We have three trademarks --- HANMA,LUHU""ZHENFU.brbrWe offer large diameter circular knitting machines> including rib universal machines […]