Suzhou Transparent Technology Co.,LTD

We are a provider of production solutions for garment sewing industry. TPET (Suzhou Transparent CO. LTD.) has a Sewing Robot R&D center and a Garment Tech R&D center, offering lean management equipment & consultation service.It offers such products as automatic tower manufacturing machines, takt trandmission equipment, and sewing data collection system. Up to August 2015, TPET has been awarded 219 national patents for invention and utility model and possesses their certificates respectively. Our clients are southeast Asian Addidas factories, Far East garment, Hangsi Garment, Seduno Ningbo, Yisheng, ERKE, Dingsheng garment, Qifeng home textile, etc. PEGASUS, and BROTHER have been our long-term business partners . Now our business has expanded to Pakistan, Vietnam, Burma, Bangladesh and Indonesia markets.We offer machines that will recover costs in only one year. General introduction about our main products:1. Electric Assembly Line Real-time takt single-piece flow; promote lean management; transform traditional mode of production. It makes garment production efficient, the worksite environment neat, and procedures standardized. Single-piece flow avoids batch problem products.2. Automatic towel machineBe awarded the first prize of excellent theme display in 2015 CISMA,22 national authorized patents for utility model. Cutting, folding, overlocking, label sewing, edge trimming, all are completed at one time. Stitchings are plain and beautiful; sizes are standardized. It takes 6 seconds for manufacturing 2 pieces, a capacity of 1200 pieces per hour. 3.Automatic napkin machine Similar functions as above.4. Automatic cotton towel machineTrim edges,correct the position deviation, stop and send warning signals automatically. Be awarded 21 national authorized patents for utility model. Have a capacity of 600 meters per hour, three to five times the productivity of labors.5.Multifunctional small ironerIt has adjustable templates, mist spray humidification for shaping. It continuously receives and discharges materials. It can be widely used in sportswear and casual wear production.6.PDP production material delivery system Realize one-to-multiple point unmanned transport and back pull mode of production; real-time feedback of material information.7.Automatic six trademark sewing machine Multi-layer trademarks can be made with the maximal of 6 labels, including wash label, fiber label, size label, etc. Automatic cutting, folding, overlaying and ultrasonic sewing, all finished at one time. Less prone to being misplaced, leakage, skew.8. Double-needle Zipper MachineSew zippers on casual wear or sportswear. The double needles help lift up the productivity by 50%.9.SPV sewing production virtualization systemAllow non-specialists to manage your worksite. Calculation of personal capacity and salary; Digitalized quality management; Warning against abnormal events.10. Down filling machineUltrasonic sealing device, the nation's first, avoids problems of down leakage; Automatic fixture reduces work fatigue and avoids parts' wrinkle.

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